Take one day rest.

Today I didn't do anything with my short because I am too busy.  I got my freaking Spanish, Algebra assignments and Drama, Spanish tests.  Plus I want to improve my English ability as fast as I want.  So, I decided to study English instead.  So, see you tomorrow, my dear short film.

The school life today, as boring as usual.  But someone (LEO) gratified me by saying he liked my short film which one I think it sucks! (LOL)  Just want to go back to my host home and do what I love to do.   Still can't get the reason why but I just hate school since I was a child.  It mention me one of my novel...(giggle...)  Nice sunshine by the way, though it is pretty cold today.

So, after updating my blog, I am going to be a hard working man. (Shhh... don't bother me!)
Last, attach a new picture to celebrate the ending of my school today. (This is one of our Taiwanese seafood, oyster. :) )

Still, hope you could support me by clicking the link beside here:covinfox the director  and by clicking the advertisements you see on my blog.


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