Thankgiving rush~~ bloody massacre of turkey!

Yeah! Last day of school in this week, start from tomorrow is our Thanksgiving break.  I am extremely excited because  also it is going to be my first Thanksgiving in the U.S. 

Wait.... when's the exactly date of Thanksgiving? LOL.. I even don't know when is Thanksgiving, kind of hilarious for me.  Ok, my lens is on the way, probably it will ship to my host home today.  I will be "crazily careful" to take good care of my lenses. Also I dismiss my tripod, and I borrowed a nice one from my drama teacher, Miss. UTOF.  Thank her so much.  Now I could keep going on my short film.  I have a presage it is going to be an awesome one!!!! (For myself.)

Last, I hope you could keep supporting me by searching "covinfox" on youtbe or click the ads you have seen on my blog.  I appreciate it so much, thank you guys.

Like my cursive handwriting?

                           If you do, give you one more bonus~~ LOL


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