Thank you Mr. snow..

Hurray! No school today..... guess the reason..... because it is snowing heavily outside.  Today supposed to be my final test day.  I head that school canceled it~~~ How neat!  Anyway, today is also the first snow day for me. Well, it supposed to be the second, but the first one snow for only a while. Not like today, it snowed whole day long~~~

When I woke up, first thing is grabbed my camera plus my breakfast to the porch, relish the beautiful snow scene.  After that, I helped my host brother to shovel the snow. (P.S. Don't forget I am an exchange student.) Plus, I played snow fight with him.

I spent about two hours in the snow, well..... I thought I will freeze to death, not at all.... I was extremely excited, so I didn't feel how cold it is.

Get back to my newest short: "NIGHTMARE?" Well.... everything's getting better though I met a lot of straits.  But I keep a faith: Before becoming a hollywood film director, never give up.  So..... hope you guys will like my newest short.

I appreciate you guys to contact me or chat with me :)

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Introduce myself in the snow:Silly me, I look ugly....LOL


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