Come to see my newest idea.

Today is the last day of my winter break, I have better treasure it..... Just played table tennis with my host brother, forty two to thirty eight, good game though.

Anyway, I just uploaded two of my newest improvisations to youtube, hope you could come and see it, also hope you would like it.  As usual, if you do like my works, hope you could subscribe me and share my channel for me, will ya? :)

I desire to be a film director, recently I am considering about which film school am I going to.  If you have any recommendations, please tell me, I appreciate it so much.  (Be honest, I already got some alternatives: USC, UCLA, NYU, Chipman University (I don't know I spell it right or wrong.))

Whatever, just wish me the best luck!!! ;)

My youtube channel: covinfox the director

My newest improvisations: one
My newest improvisations: two

My email address: covinfox the director


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