Are you ready for the Oscar?

Today when I came back to my host home, the first thing is not went find any thing edible.  But asked my host dad if I could see the academy award this Sunday instead.  (I couldn't help myself, I am crazily fascinated by Oscar....)

yo ho~~ fellows. It's me covinfox the director again, so far I am still working on my newest "Cultural experiment short film" hope you guys will like it, and please share it for me, it is seriously important!  From some aspect, if I don't get it wrong, I might be the first guy who make the "Cultural experiment short film" in the whole world.

Sometimes I am concerned about if I couldn't become a director, usually I will ask myself stop thinking this idiotic maggot. I promise myself not to be worried anymore, because I know one day I will must become a film director in Hollywood, time and determination are the only problems.

Please, wish me the best luck and support me! Also, don't forget to watch the academy award this Sunday. (Sorry... I forgot the time, probably is about eight p.m. east time...)

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