Everything will be fine.

So... today is Sunday.  Which means I am going to loathe tomorrow again.  Yesterday, I took my first ACT test and man! Why can't ACT gave me more time, I couldn't finish my English part and English reading part.  Also, I got a small incident about my name... that's was funny.  I typed my nickname on my admission ticket accidentally.  So, I will be careful next time.

Today we went to Junction city, and I took the limousine for the first time in my life.  Which felt great!  Thank to my host family.  Then we went to a restaurant where is famous for its fried chicken.  Man! seriously they got a lot of fried chicken.  On the way home I kept sleeping....

When I got back home, I knew I had some assignments waiting for me to accomplish.  But I am reluctant to do so.... anyway, I still will do them "unwillingly"

Good night to everyone, and plus... Happy valentines day, too.  (I know it's not today.... still want to bless you guys.)


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