How Monday kills me!

Bla bla bla.... though last night I had a great time of watching Academic award.  But the consequence is I don't have enough energy today, plus today is the day I have most, Monday.  The alarm clock didn't work this morning, luckily, my cat stepped on my chest woke me up instead.  It was already six thirty, I knew I am going to be late again.

Look out of the window, the cotton candy like, soft colds floats in the sky slowly.  They are always that leisurely, never rush for anything.

"Nah, they stolen my leisure while I was sleeping." I hate being such stressful all the time, think about my dream: Being a film director in the Hollywood. Sometimes I will think it worths to be in such an annoying hurry.  Miss the cafeteria I went back hometown. Watching the pedestrians walking back and forth is one of my entertainment.  Sipping the amazing coffee, clasped my favorite novel in my hand, savoring the delicious chocolate. Thinking of this part, I licked my lip.

"When I get back to Taiwan for that short half year, I will must go to those cafeterias I miss with my dear." The show dragged me back to the brutal truth, I am still here, struggling to fulfill my dream.

It was already eight ten, which means I was about forty minutes late. My host mom took me to Starbucks skipping my class.

"We are already late, so it does matter how much time you are late.  Do you fancy a cup of coffee?"
"Why not?"
That's how I started my Monday. Anyway... I hate Monday, but I still need to go to school because I really want to get straight A of my whole school year. Just.... wish me the best luck, will ya?

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