How the silence create the beauty....

A silent sunday, I woke up at eight thirty.  The whole atmosphere is such a death silence. While I was still half asleep, I got of my bed to grab some cloths and towel ready to take a shower.

"Such a nice day..." I thought.

"An awesome day for a great award, a perfect for me to have a new start." I smiled while I thought about it.  Everything is just that amazing, feel like the time freeze forever.

Everything's just that perfect, the great scene order in front of my window, make me realize how excellent this world is.  Accompany with soft and show piano music, would beyond the perfectness.

I gazed out the window, meditate about my life.
"Well... I should supposed to take a rest sometimes, shouldn't I?"
The blue sky, trees, playground, fluffy clouds comfort my soul.

"When was the last time I paused?" Suddenly I realized I keep struggling to fulfill my dream, but I haven't stop to think what I exactly have done for a long time.

Looking up to the sky.... "What have I done?" Probably just struggling for the dream everyone around me think it's impossible to come true. Anger, irritation dazed me, what have I done?

Am I fulfilling my dream in vain? One thing for sure, impossible. But when.... the time is the biggest issue in my dream way.

"When.... when will my dream come true?" I gazed at the sky whispered, the key of this answer, has to figure out by myself.

My name is covinfox the director, I am eighteen years old. I wanted to be a film director since I was sixteen... I promise myself before becoming a film director in Hollywood, I will never give up! Let's wait and see...

My newest short film "NIGHTMARE?":

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