I ruined my saturday....

Woke up from the beautiful sunshine of Saturday, feel the warmth  of the sun illuminated into my window. I was still about half asleep, struggled to strain my eyes wide, looked at my clock which showed six fifteen a.m.  Man! Why did I wake up so early? Oh, almost forgot it's all my assignment's fault.

Yawn.... fellows. How's your weekends? Mine is not really good today due to I didn't get enough sleep.  But not worry! The Academy award tomorrow will cheer me up.  (Breaking news: While I am typing my blog so far, my hometown got a medium serious earthquake which scale is 6.1 I am glad everyone is just fine and safe.)

Once again I need to go to bad early because I need to finish my assignments, watching the Academy award, finish my newest "cultural experimental short film" and struggling to be a film director in Hollywood. Which means I need to work hard a lot.  Just..... just wish me the best luck and health will you?

My newest short film "NIGHTMARE?": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-UuMoOzhhg

My email address: covinfox@gmail.com

My Facebook user name: Covinfox Kao


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