It's friday! yeah!~~... (so what?)

Hey! fellows, it's me covinfox the director again.  (give me a break, again? lol) Anyway, today is a very serial day for me.  The reason is because I suddenly felt so energetic and I couldn't get the reason.  Wait, I think I did.  It might because I ate a lot of salad and vegetable instead of meat, or those greasy, oily junk food.

Days ago I felt so dejected and depressed due to those freaking annoying students in my school.  I struggled my best to find solution to calm myself down.  The way I found are meditation and eating healthily, which means vegetable and protein.  They work, I felt much better and optimistic.

Anyway, also it's Friday so I could have more time to sleep.  But I couldn't change my habit of being a night howl.  Tomorrow is the first day I will start working on my "experimental culture short"  I hope as many people would participate this project.  I do really need you guys' help, please!  Appreciate it a lot~~ Will upload details next time...

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