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Imagine one day if you life is surveilled, your any movements any actions are recorded. What would you do?
"Sue to the court?" I still remembered he replied with that serious countenance.
"When that day come, there won't be any courts.  And that day... just came five minutes ago."
"Don't you think it came too fast and sounds ridiculous? I believe what you said due to the time you chose, if you intended to lie, you won't use five minutes this time."
I gulp down the wine in my shot glass and  put it down on the counter.
"This time, you need another solution." I handed him a name card kept saying:
"If you don't want to be surveilled, don't hope anyone who's eavesdropping your private conversation.  Or even.." I looked up stared at him with a smirk.
"Sexual life..." He replied.
"That's right, You this smart ass!"
"So, any victims?"
"In ten minutes? I think so, especially celebrities."
That was 2027, a era technology could cause chaos easily. Everyone don't trust with each other, weapons became a basic equipment. Basic enough to overload yourself, no more sunshine because of the air pollution. There was only a dim sun left, as bright as a moon, even darker. Robots emerged as slaves, you couldn't tell a human by his or her appearance anymore but by their heart. You would be so amazed how those robots look like human.
"Even this pub is not safe anymore... Smith." The guy dropped his glass on the ground and was totally shocked.
"How.... how did you know my name?"
"Told you, Mr. Handerson Smith.  This world, is not safe anymore."
Smith stuttered... seconds past, he tried to calm himself down.
"Are you...?"
"What do you think? We are best friend! How come I would waste huge amount of money on you just because I want to see your sex life?"
"We are not friends!" Smith roared in a determined tone.
"Well, well... you even don't trust me anymore." I grinned.
"If your are interested in our company, just sign this contract." I slid a paper toward the front of him.
"You knew I hate contract, it makes me feel unsafe."
"Seems like you have no choice, you are kind of famous in this area."
Smith sighed and took out of a pen. "All right..."
"We also accept fingerprint you know, that's much more convenient."
Smith started at me with a cold smile.
"I already signed..."
"Whatever, thank you so much." I drew the paper back.
"Now... you are under our rigorous protection."
"What kind of?" he asked.
I walked toward the door and turned around faced to him, pull the rim of my jacket outward reveal a little part of inside.  There's a pistol attached on the jacket.
"A violent one..." I made a comforting smile to him, and walked out of the pub.

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