How a cup of tea brought my imagination out.

This is a short story I just mentioned about while I was sipping a cup of nice tea.  Sorry for my bad English, plus I just recovered from my serious fever.

In a spacious,splendid villa where accompanied with relaxing classic music.  A man is brew a great cup of English black tea by his expensive and delicate tea set, the chinking sound from the shallow dish accompany with the classic music. When the man raising the cup going to take the second sip, he pauses and reveals a mild smile.  There is a unclear voice echoes behind the huge entrance gate.
"Kid, you can't! You couldn't get into like this without his permission! Whatever.... security!"
The gate suddenly pushed open widely by a great strength, a laid strides in.
The man takes a deep breath then asks:
"So.... what brings you here?"
"That call from last night."
"What call?"
"Stop pretending being innocent!  You knew it! You knew it's coming, it is going to happen!"
The man takes another sip of his tea leisurely then replies:
"I am really sorry, kid.  But I don't know who you are, and I don't think I made a call to you."
"I just said stop pretending..."
"I even don't have a cell phone, you know that?"
The man pours some tea into another cup, push toward in front of the lad.
"You came here for reason, tell me the story.  I am pretty curious and interested."
"That was last night, I heard your voice from my phone.  You called me for something important, something is pretty private to me.  In another word, the secret only I know about!  You told me you know the answer of that secret."
"Hmm... did I? Unfortunately, seems like I don't.  But who will disguise my voice and why me? What's the relationship between me and your top secret?"
"That's the reason why I  am here, that's what I am seeking for!"

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