The spirit fence.

Dusk, the sun descending. The empty swing swaying in the breeze, emptiness occupies the playground.  No one is there, not a soul.  Because there's a rumor about this place, a rumor keep mankind away forever. Not a soul...

  That's how it works, the play ground is surrounded by wire fence. Everyone believe the fence is just like a dream catcher, just catch human's spirit instead.
"There was a child who passed by the fence, now he's still absentminded!"
"Though the fence doesn't take your life, but that's terrifying enough by taking your soul away."  There are a lot of discussions around the people who lives near that playground.  Nobody wants to get close to that hell.  A hell keeps mortal away...

  Sunday afternoon, it was a sunny and cozy day.  The best day for the playground to lure more innocent children, that's how my parents say.  It is part of a paragraph written in my diary, I don't believe in hell, only human create it.  Because they are dumb, believe those meaningless rumor blindly, there's only one way to find out the truth...

  Sunday night, I went there without any notice.  I supposed my parents thought I am already in bed for tomorrow school day.  That's how the playground lure me, curiosity.

  Sunday night eight p.m.
    I went to the front of the fence, staring at it for seconds then passed through. It was empty and desolate as usual, I sat on a swing.  That... that was the moment I realized how they called it taking your soul away.  The playground makes you indulge in what and who you yearn.  Your missing kitty, your best friend who moved away, your best memory, your favorite food.  You could experience them again by just sitting on the swing.

  Monday eight a.m.
    I woke up on the swing, amazed by how I fell asleep on the awing.  Also I figured out I stayed at the playground for about twelve hours, that's, how they say the playground take your soul away...

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