Time to go to bed...

 There's a little boy lay on his bed strained his eyes widely, the ticking of the clock kept him awake.
"Mommy!" he whispered. Seconds past, there was no response.
"Mommy! I couldn't fall asleep! Can I go watch the TV?" the humid and gloomy atmosphere permeate in his room, he stared at his mom slept next to him deeply.
He got out of the bed, intended to get a glass of warm milk. While he walked toward the kitchen, he felt someone or something was following him.  Just felt, usually consideration makes us have hallucination, that's how the child thinks so.
"I am not afraid of anything, I am very brave." He muttered. There is a huge stand mirror leaned on the wall of the old room, the room he haven't gotten into since his grand grand father died. He didn't know why, but there was a queer magic power attracted him into the room. The shabby and squeaking door standing right in front of him. Enchanted him to touch the knob. Weird enough, he could feel someone was waiting in the room.
"Hello, anyone here?" The child asked as he opened the door. No one was inside, but there must be someone for sure. The boy though carefully... inside... not inside the room but his mind. He could felt a hand stay on his shoulder. Funny enough, the child is not afraid at all, because...
The was silence, that was his name.
"Grandgrandpa! You are back..."
"Long time not see, are you still the good boy I remembered?"
"Of course I am, I though I am never going to see you again! I miss you so much."
They set down in the living room, chatted with each other. Just like two brothers with great relationship.
Hours past, it was almost three a.m.  Jackie suddenly felt disappointed and depressed. Something is changing...
"Jakie... You know, I am leaving, it's getting late."
"But I want to talk to you more, I still have a lot of interesting stories to tell you!"
"I can't leave the world belong to me too long, we will meet again for sure. So please allow me to leave."
Jakie looked disappointed, he said nothing, just kept his head down. Seconds past, he raised his head up.
"All right, but you promised me you will come back."
His grand grand pa fondled Jakie's face, remained there for a while, then he smiled at him.
"I will must! Don't worry... now, it's time to go to bed, after drinking your warm milk go to sleep will you? Promise me?"
That was ten years ago, after that day, he never came back. I could tell, from his smile. His heart was struggling, because I know he was lying... he... escaped from the heaven came to see me.

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