Who took my coke?

The colorful light shining in a building, illuminates out of the window.  The atmosphere of happiness permeates, this is a simple party, just a mere high school party for celebrating a brand new semester.
Everything is perfect, is that joyful, that amusing.
"Dude! Such a party! Hove long have you planned this?"
"Not pretty long, but it did cost me a lot! You all nasty mosquitos!"
"Ha ha, well... sometimes you just need to be generous."
"But I don't want to be for you..." Jack grinned.
"You this jerk! I am going to get you and kill you." Jeson put down his glass and pretended to chase Jack.
There were about twenty person at the party, each one chatted with each other, they all looked happy,delighted and joyful.  Vivian hooked her elbow with a boy walked toward her friend.
"Elsa, this is my friend Benson. Benson, this is Elsa."
"I thought you forgot to add boy in front of the "friend"" Elsa giggled.
Vivian blushed, she grabbed a glass of coke randomly.
"He's... he is just my best friend who grew up with me! It's not like what you think, Elsa!"
Elsa leered at her, then grinned.
"Oh, really?"
"Stop that countenance!"
Vivian put down her glass to dance with Benson, they clasped their hands then stared into each other's eyes. Benson stretched out his hands, hesitated in front of Vivian's waist, seconds past, Vivian grasped his hand and put on her waist rapidly.
"It's all right, I don't mind. Also..." Vivian blushed again, and moved her mouth to the side of Benson's ear slowly.
"I... I like you."
Benson had no any facial reaction. Just kept holding Vivian's waist and started to dance, but he could felt the thudding sound of his heart. An hour past, when they finished their dance, they loosed their hands reluctantly.
"I am thirsty, I am going to go grab my coke, will be back pretty soon."
"Take your time."
When Vivian walked toward the table, she kept staring at Benson. Stretched out her hand searching for her glass without any look, her hand searched around but she couldn't find her glass. She asked to a boy who's next to the table.
"Umm... excuse me, did you see my coke glass?"
"Oh, a guy he took it away! He said he took it for a girl called Vivian."
"Oh! That's me, thank you so much." She turned around looked at the director to Benson.
"It's so nice of you! Thank you so much, Benson. I never..." No one standing there, not a soul.
After questioning her friends, Benson never showed up at the party. Queer enough, everything's covered with a mystery shadow.  There was only her hallucination... he's the twenty first.

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