The wind in summer.

Sunday in the afternoon, wind blows and sun shines.  I am  sitting on a comfortable chair at my porch listening to smooth jazz music, enjoying the breeze fondles my check.  Roky, one of my favorite puss sleeping on the long sofa I put at the porch. That's how we spend my afternoon, I close my eyes smile mildly.
"Ah... such a nice day." I utter, that's how I love summer, the sultry and heat evoke my sweet memory.  That's how I love summer... they store my memories. Also, there's a little secret a little told me that if you sleep in the summer afternoon, you could experience all those sweet memories again.  Actually it's a truth, that's the reason why I love to sleep in summer afternoon.
  I dreamt myself while I was five, the age I love to cry a lot.  Each time I sobbed from school to home, I threw myself to my grandmother's arms.  It worked much better than a sedative, I still remember how it soothed me.  My dream shifted to another scene, on the day of my tenth birthday, I received a beautiful and exquisite necklace from my grandmother which I am still wearing now.
"Thank you! Grandma, it's so beautiful.  I will treasure it forever, I promise I will never lose it." I said it cheerfully then put it on immediately.  Tear stream down from my closed eyes, that's when I stopped my dream, it's miracle many people don't believe in.  Sometimes I could even touch the things or persons they are already past, already gone...
"It's not only a dream.... it must not." I mutter.
Summer is really long, during this long period. I could experience everything I miss by dreaming, that's how I love summer...

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