The missing segment.

  In a dark thunderstorm night, it's raining torrent out side.  There's a old castle where lives a gloomy old man who forgets something, something is seriously important for him.
"Sometimes I even want to suicide by forgetting the piece."
We heard it from a child who visited the old man once while he sent the newspaper.
"It is a song, nah! Was... it was a song sang by mystery."
No one understand what he wants, if you want to make if simple.  He is searching for a missing lyric for sure, but what song and why it's that important?

  After he died, it's still a mystery.  Until that day a boy got in to get his baseball, after he getting out he told us a sensational thing.  The old man is still alive, but how come his maid said he's dead, if he's not... then who died?  So many questions shred the castle with mystery, rumors outside the castle spreading around, you couldn't tell who's right or wrong.  An idea flash through my mind, seeing is believing.  So I decided to take a look inside the castle.

  June 22.
    I went in, the door isn't locked.
    I saw him, he's alive.  Sleeping next to the piano.
    I saw those scattered music scores, an answer.  That's how he told me, he has amnesia.

June 23
    Funny enough, I stayed over at his home.  We had awesome conversation, you wouldn't never believe how funny he is, totally different from our aspect to him.

    It's ten p.m. already.
  "Rose tea? I planted by myself."
"Yes, please."
I saw the steam came out from my elegant china cup, Smelt the fragrance permeated.
So, someone was spreading a rumor that you are dead.  We believe your maid said so...
The giggle of the old man interrupted my next sentence.
"Two things I want to declare."
I sipped the tea as listening to his persuasive explanation.
"First, someone did die here.  Second, she's not my maid.  Interesting enough, please put both answer together."
"What do you suggest?"
"My wife died, and she told you guys I am dead."
I paused while I was about to take another sip of his tea, speechless.  Then he contented...
"I don't want she leaves me, but she didn't want anyone see her apparition.  So I promised to let her out to spread the rumor so that everyone thinks she's alive and I am dead."

June 24
    Rumor kills the truth...

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