Pop! Pop! Pop!

This morning my host mom brought me to skip again, yeah! LOL... All right, we skipped for reasons, a lot of...  Anyway, I got my check so we went to the bank to deposit it first. (Guess how much?  I am not going to tell you, I don't hope some would rob me...)  I went to school for my Algebra test, normally my american friends they though it's a piece of cake for me. (Be honest not very tasty.)  I want to accentuate again because I learned it before OK?  Not because I am smart or a nerd! (I always feel I could help with this situation.)

  Sigh.... school is always a prison for me, no matter where I am.  Seriously I really want to do what I want to do, not combined by those "fatal, deadly and mortal" subjects. (Interruption: It's so windy outside, do you think I should go out?) Anyway, I just dislike school if you ask me why? That would be my only answer.

  When I got back home, I was seriously starving by stress. (All are school's fault, blame it! Quick!)  So I started searing for anything edible.
"Hey! Popcorn!" I exclaimed.  I haven't eaten popcorn for two months, so I decided to pop one bag for myself, at the same time I was watching Friends.  Then there was an idea suddenly popped out in my mind, why popcorn pops?  Yeah indeed, I have earn popcorn for years but never know how popcorn works! Silly me! I am sorry, popcorn.  So, I just google it and I am going to share the answer here: How popcorn pops?  Because this is other blogger's article, so I don't think I could copy and paste here. (Gosh, I just hate those dorks who love to copy and paste.  I am a nice guy who's faithful to copyright. Yeah... copyright rocks!)

  Today is Friday so I didn't want to do any assignments from school, again school sucks! Repeat after me, school sucks!  I am typing a novel instead, and the novel is called "Hear the death" too bad it is not going to be a short film nor film because I think it is not going to be very attractive. (So why are you writing it into novel? A: I don't know either, ask someone else.)

Do you have any experienced that you were eating popcorn in a movie theater, then you figured out the popcorn belongs to a guy you don't know who's sitting next to you.  That would be....awkward!
(Achievement! : Eating popcorn belongs to someone you don't know. )

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