Ten dollars in his pocket.

 Love, murder, mysterious all happened around simple ten coins.  That's what I heard about from those fairytales, I couldn't imagine it did happen to me one day.  Ten in the morning, I went to a convenience store for a cup of coffee, while I stepped into the entrance, I could smell the fragrance of what I was expecting for.
"Morning, Jack.  Latte grande without sugar again?"
"You know me." I giggled.
Her name is Winnie, who is the girl I love secretly.  I came into this sore for reason, not only the coffee for sure. Something interesting enough, I always call it love coincidence.
"Here's your change, ten cents."
"Ha! That's our love coincidence again." I could saw her flush.  Each time her change to me is always ten cents, I never figured out how I did it.

That was last week.  Everything changed after picking that phone call, a call changed my life entirely.
The phone rang at ten a.m.
"Mr. Jack Thompson?"
"Yep..." I said with blurred voice eyes not fully opened.
"We are sorry to bother you, but we got some information that you are relative to a girl called Winnie who's working in a convenient store?"
"Yes, so what's wrong with that?" there was a pause, a deep breath.  I could told something's wrong by that deep breath.
"She was murdered last night."
"What!" I jumped up from the bed with startle, not seriously shocked.  Because I was prepared for this devastating news.
"That was ten at night." Another long pause, I could heard the police another side swallowed his saliva trying to moist his throat. "We checked the monitor, no one was in the store except her.  But she was murdered for sure, by coins..."
"By coins..." I startled. Suddenly a maggot popped out in my mind.  So far I still can't realize why I asked that question. "How much?"
"Ten cents..."

It is a beautiful morning, sunshine climbed into my room slowly.  Illuminate through my room, I love how I am waken up by sun.  Always love the feeling, hope it could happen everyday.  I am still lying on the bed praying for more time to sleep, I could feel something right next to me wriggling.
"Sorry to wake you up." I whisper.
"Oh... morning.  Dear." I love her voice while she just woke up.
I smile mildly to respond. "Hey, you know what? I got a queer dream last night. I dreamt that you were killed by our love coincidence."
"Ten cents?" She asked curiously, then giggled. "That's nonsense."
"I know, amazing, isn't it?" I say with smile. "I am going to take a cup of coffee then go to work, see you later."
As I walking to the kitchen turning on the news, what is reporting startles me.
The title says: A woman was hit by a car when she ran across the street to buy a limited special offer book for only ten cents.
"A simple ten cents could be so mysterious..." I murmur.  

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