What I hold in my hand. part two.

  Great, another complicated truth trying to sabotage my brain.  What's going on? Jack and were discussing about the story of that comedy, how come he would remember nothing?
"Today is not April fools day anyway." I mumble.
"Are you watching the film or not, it's about to begin." He says impatiently and walks into the theater.
I couldn't believe my life would be such contradictory.

  The film is about three hours, it's the best time for me to get clear what's going on.  I have no mood to watch the film, anyway, I saw it days ago, I know what will happen, I could be the notorious spoiler in this theater.  But... I couldn't know why it feels so.... unreal.  Seems like it's my first time to watch this film, but I am pretty sure I saw it already.

  "So how was the film? Personally I like it a lot, I think it's pretty amusing." He asks sticking both his hands in the pockets with big hole.  You could peek what's his fingers doing, anyway that's not the point.
"Umm... oh yeah! It's pretty funny."
"What's the problem?"
"Wh..what do you mean?"
"You know you act weirdly tonight.  You even didn't eat the popcorn."
"That's kettle! That's why.  I only eat the sweet one."
"How about the coke?" I couldn't believe we have to keep this kind of pointless conversation.
"What's your point?  Stop beating around the bush!"
"There's something weighing on your mind.  Also I am curious why you said we saw the film already?"
"Because we did!" I respond irritably because he keep interrupting my thinking.  "Thanks for coming with me, but I hope I could walk the rest part of road by myself, goodnight Jack." I whisper to him as I say goodnight.

  Ten in the morning.
  I take a day off, walking back and forth in the living room.  "Write it down might help you, Henry." I mutter to myself. Grab a piece of paper randomly, thinking carefully what I have done.  First, start from the date, today is... while I was about to write down the date of the left upper corner, I pause.
Today is July twenty first, but... the date print on our film ticket said July twenty second.  Which means today supposed to be yesterday.  What is all this about? I am living a life is faster than any other else?  How about the bar?  When did we go to the bar?  I put down the pen and stare at the calendar, there's a red circle on the date of first says "film night."
"So I invited Jack to a film in the midnight is already arranged? Not because I called him randomly?" I murmur.  This is the second time I couldn't get why things turn out like this, still couldn't solve the first time mystery, why I who never drink woke up in a bar clasped a shot glass in hand full of whisky?


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