Taco night~~ again!?

    Though this Saturday is my ACT test, but I couldn't feel like I am really working on that but reading something else instead.  (Gosh... I am done! I am screwed... I am gonna fail on my test again!) I always got bad ideas on everything I mentioned.  Each time when I did so, I will remind myself be optimistic because I believe the power of positive is almighty... (kneel in front of the almighty power and worship!)

    I am always amazed by the phenomenon here in Kansas that the sky is still bright even if it's already nine in the evening. (Hmm... I should take a picture of that, though American will think it's normal.) Tonight I had tacos for supper again, but this time there's something different: It's fifty cents each, way cheaper! About the history of my hobby to tacos is kind of different, when I just came here I love to eat soft cover taco but then I change to prefer hard cover taco. (So far I am still investigating this mystery, will uncover the truth ASAP! But I wonder who would want to know this crap...)

    Also I bought some donuts for snack, (Hey! Don't eat snack often, it's bad for your health!) it's pretty memorable because last time I bought their donuts was the time I made my short film there around three months ago.  Haven't seen my newest short film yet? Come and see it!

Mysterious (horror) independent short film... http://adf.ly/9HNWq NIGHTMARE? Presents by covinfox the director

    Hmm... I think it's time for me to study.  Though I have to set up the laptop for my host sister first, or she will never let me go to bed "safely". So, that's all about it today! Have a nice day everybody!

Photo of the day:
(A.... butterfly! butter.. and... fly! get it? ha ha... I know it's not funny...)

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Mysterious (horror) independent short film... NIGHTMARE? Presents by covinfox the 


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