Tacos are messy....

Counting down seven days away from my annoying ACT test, I am so nervous due to I want to get a twenty five this time.  Because my application time for colleges is getting closer, no~~~  I need more time!  It's much faster than I expected, which also means I am going to be nineteen! (It's just a nightmare, wake up!!)

    Anyway, I will strive my best to fulfill my dream!  There's only one thing for sure: Before becoming a film director, I will never give the fuck up! (Sorry for the language, but that's my determination.  It's also the sentence in my preface from my first novel which is coming out.)  Though I am eighteen but I am always busy, working on my hobbies: Films and short films making, music making, novels and scripts writing, drawing (Though I am bad at it.) and the last one I just got interested in around a year ago: CGI, computer animation.

    Mentioning about music, I just published my first album on Amazon, iTunes and so on...  The name's called: Imagination of Improvisation, or you could just search "covinfox" on Amazon, iTunes and so on.  Or you could just click the link I attach here: Imagination of Improvisation.  Also I am working on my first novel which will be published on Amazon, please wish me the best luck.

    Tonight I had tacos for supper, seriously when you are eating tacos there's only one word could describe the situation: mess!  My stuffing kept dropping out of my hard shell. (I love hard shell... and you? :) )  But they are really good for american food, I know it heard mean.  But my own opinion to American food is boring, in spite of I love America.

My first album:Imagination of Improvisation
My youtube channel: covinfox the film director

My email address: covinfox the film director (wenlai KAO)


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