Tonight I am the chef.

    The legend of my cream sauce spaghetti is going to reveal once again tonight! Yep! I am going to cook the only one dish I am really good at: Cream sauce spaghetti!~ Still remember the first time I cooked it was about two years ago.  This dish improve a lot among this two years, like the way I how cook, how I marinade the chicken breast and the secret weapon: ice water!

    This is an Asian way to cook the spaghetti, so I did terrify a lot of Americans by steeping half cooked spaghetti into a big bowl of ice water with a lot of ice cubed.  It's so funny to see their expression that kind of watching horror film like face, that made me felt like eating my spaghetti was as scary as watching the ring (Japanese version.)

    But there's such a enormous difference after eating it, you could see their satisfied face and felt like there's a sign right next to them said: Welcome to heaven! (From the hell...) There's the interesting fact about my cream sauce spaghetti: They look messy, disgusting and scary. But they taste way opposite than what I just described.

    Here's the reason why I put half cooked spaghetti into hot water: When the spaghetti is scalding hot the flour expand, but you suddenly dip them into freezing cold water which will shrink the gap of the expanded flour, so the spaghetti will be very elastic. And why it's half cooked due to I will put the spaghetti back to a frying pan to stir fry with different ingredient, so if the spaghetti is cooked already and you cook them again, they will be so soggy and bad tasting.

    That's how I love to be an exchange student, experience the culture difference and make as many friends as I could.

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