How should I start?

  Yesterday I just finished my TOEFL test, please wish me the best luck!  Seriously, I need that.  What I started next is applying to USC film department, you couldn't imagine how long I've been dreaming to be a film director.  So you couldn't imagine how long I've been dreaming to get into USC either, actually it's about three years.

    Also I have more time to work on my first film project, trust me it's going to be a great hit! I can't guarantee it would reach a high box-office, but I guarantee you it will must be a sensational film.  The problem is I even don't know how to make a great starting or which start I should use, trust me this film will take me  seriously long time to complete.  Just remember it's called "Maternity" one day when you see this film, you would know it's made by me: covinfox the film director~ ^^  (Wenlai KAO)

    Mid term test is coming up, in fact, it starts since tomorrow.  But I study none of them because actually I don't have to!  Umm... it's a very complicated situation, I will explain next time but I could tell you the basic story: I was graduated in the U.S. and now I am staying in my home country Taiwan, because of the policy I must stay in a school! It's Fing retarded for me, once again "Taiwan" shows the classic of stereotype: Score is everything, no matter how kindhearted you are when you have a bad score, you must be a villain.  That's how cruel our society is, but just because this, you wouldn't believe how rebellious I am! And what legend I created in this country, I believe all American high school students would become rebellious when they study here...

    Anyway, now I am going to keep working on my film project! So let's call it a day, also I would love to go eat my delicious supper made by my mom~ 



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