My newest short film "HOPE"

  Finally after working hard for continuous two weeks, I finished this short film "alone", I know relationship is extremely important in film career.  But sometimes we could consider something contrary, I just wonder how my films could be without any helps.
  This is a short film I made by myself, I mean literally myself.  This is a new challenge to myself, the idea I got in my mind is if I am the only of person left in the world, what kind of film could I make? at the very beginning the idea came into my head was a zombie apocalypse, actually it's not talking about zombies but education as well.  At first I want to make a parody about how asian rigid education create us: zombie, only know to memorize everything on text book and have no freedom to express our own idea as well.  This short film is inspired by the apocalypse prediction about 2012, which is a short film about how could we handle loneliness, fear, and void.

If you like my short films, hope you could go to my blog and donate one buck to me.  Appreciate your support~


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